Inside Jalna


Interactive narrative project developed as part of the Masters of Digital Media at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, Canada. Inside Jalna is a web-based experience that explores the sets and characters of the best-sellers Jalna novels, written by Canadian author Mazo de la Roche (1879-1961). Settled on the rural shores of Lake Ontario, the 16 books tell the story of the Whiteoak family, while offering an unique overview of Canadian society from 1854 to 1954.

This narrative prototype experience was intended to serve as a basis for a videogame-like script experience. The main question I intended to answer was if it would be possible to build an entertainment-focused digital media narrative using romantic novels as content. I was the writer and project manager, and also had to develop my photoshop and publishing skills.  It was an excellent opportunity to improve my knowledge about digital narratives and project managing skills.

The narrative is based at This is an academic project, not intended to commercial issues. Due to copyright issues, the website is password protected. Please use password mazodelaroche to open it.